CommonTec Ltd

Welcome to CommonTec

As a world-wide operating company we support our customers to get optimized technology and services. Together with world wide partners covers CommonTec a broad range of technical projects.

Hydraulics, electronics and mechanical engineering are the quintessential points of the business fields of CommonTec. The result is a multiplicity of different technologically achievements. More than 20 years ago, the history began with the development of test bench technology. Few years later the business expands to recycling technology mainly for the wood and lumber industry of North America with the most advanced cutting system for wood and plastics. International honors mark the success of the company.

Today's business of CommonTec is belong others the development of hydraulic automatic control loops with electronics, construction and designing of complex machinery, plants or vehicles, as well as assembly and service employments. Our customers are located in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa. The projects reaches from hydraulic "all-wheel-steering" devices, processor systems for agriculture and forestry in europe, development and building of plants for the timber economy in north america, up to the optimization of power station turbines in the Middle East or development of electronics for reclaimer in iron ore mining company in africa.

Because of our internal research department for hydraulic control systems we integrate the most advanced systems. This gives our customers the guarantee to get most modern technology out of one hand.