Control engineering for servo hydraulic and proportional hydraulic

Proportional hydraulics and servo hydraulics are the core business for more then 35 years. This experience opened many different kinds of solutions. Strong partnerships to manufacturers and to customers are the basics for successful applications. Hydraulic test benches for aeronautic companies, automotive companies and many others is an important part in the history of CommonTec. CommonTec produces also servo valves (Q=0,3-1200L/min) for test bench solutions.

CommonTec develop all needs together with his customer and also with his partners to find the optimum of the needed solution. The hydraulic is only one side of complete systems. The other side is the electronic part that's also needed for servo or proportional hydraulic. Proportional amplifiers, pressure controller, speed controller, and many others are developed in his own development center. This all gives the best possible opportunity for the customers needs. This experience benefits also the CommonTec products like paste extruders, ram extruders or recycling equipments.

Many combinations of CommonTec hydraulic and CommonTec electronics ends finally in customer friendly solution. The newst development is the DExControl extrusion control system, a combination of high end electronic unit and servo hydraulic to handle complete extruders. DExControl is not developed only for own products. It is developed for the common market.

Other examples are all-wheel-steerings, retrofit units for power plants or hydraulically axis for test benches.